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Mauricio Sarkozy, the trainer of the tag team of "Leo High" Chelsea does not agree with Antonio. Conte, a former consultant who sees David. The center-half of the center-back is hilarious.

Louis was rarely given the chance to play under Conte's team in the second half of last season and only played four matches in 2018.

Luise's disappearance was blamed on knee injury but the 31-year-old star was reduced to having problems with Conte in October.

Since Sark came to serve in the summer. Luis was on the pitch during the pre-season and into the real pair with Antonio. Quirky in the Huddersfield 3-0 field game on Saturday night.

In the Conte era Luis was often used as a defensive midfielder in the quarterback system, and the Italian boss did not like to move him to stand on either side.

But Sarkie sees the crack and sees that Louis is a good choice for him.

"I do not agree that he can only play in one of the three defenders," said Sark.

"If you are a good quarterback. You can play 3 quarterback and you play after 4 people. "

"I do not know what happened in the past but now he has a good chance."

"We have to move on with what we are doing with him now."

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