Computer Science vs Computer Engineering

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Computer engineering, as the name implies, is associated with the hardware development of your system. Includes the design of computer equipment and devices. It comes from the science of computer science in a way that is a practical application of the principles of computer science. It also includes some principles of electrical engineering. Thus, this technique is based on the laws of information technology, electrical engineering, mathematics and physics.

The main topics covered in this study include screen design, multimedia computing, image and voice processing, networks, pattern recognition, computer perception and sensors, VLSI systems, robotics, computer architecture, and so on.

Engineering visualization takes care of the visualization mechanisms of the system. Multimedia computations include the management of all types of data, such as text data, sound, voice or sound, still images, animated images, video, and much more. Includes encryption, encryption and decryption, etc. Image processing methods and speech processing methods are used for reliable processing of multimedia processing. A network connection to a computer is an extensive field that is responsible for all network operations, such as collecting network drives, creating connections, configuring them, initiating data exchange and data transfer, etc. It also manages the design and implementation of large distributed computing networks, including LAN, MAN and WAN. Recognition of computer models and sensors is used to ensure information security. Robotics is the practical application of artificial intelligence. Large-scale integrated systems are a study for the development of microelectronic devices. The architecture of these devices is responsible for designing hardware and software to achieve optimal results.

Continuing our computer engineering in the field of computer science, we will move on to a science that, on the other hand, studies methods, principles and laws for information management. He also establishes theories for their development and implementation. The subject of science leads to the subject of technology.

The main topics included in information technology are artificial intelligence, computer architecture, software systems, numerical methods, algorithms, computational theory, computer graphics, network protocols, databases, operating systems, modeling and modeling. , parallel computing and software development.

Artificial intelligence is an area that cares about intellectual behavior in machines or software. Computer architecture explains the science behind the design and construction of hardware and software for efficient and efficient operation. Software systems deal with programming languages, programming environments, operating systems, interpreters, compilers, etc. Algorithms and calculation theory are used to develop programs that provide effective, effective and optimal results and solutions to computer problems. In conclusion, it can be said that computer science is a subject studied primarily by scientists, while, on the other hand, computer engineering is the subject of study by engineers.



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